AIRRC Mission

A One-Stop Resource for Infrastructure Renewal Information

The American Infrastructure Renewal Resource Clearinghouse (AIRRC) was established to serve as a resource for the full range of public and private sector participants who engage in planning, financing, constructing, maintaining, monitoring and studying the physical infrastructure of the United States. While there may be meaningful consensus across the political, business and academic spectrums for the need to renew America’s infrastructure, a broad range of priorities and approaches have been embraced by policymakers, infrastructure stakeholders and the American public more generally.

In anticipation of the potential for newly dedicated infrastructure resources from the public and private sector and the concomitant expectation of rapid deployment of those resources to achieve concrete results, AIRRC will act as a clearinghouse that provides one-stop access to third-party views, data and other information, from across the range of perspectives, on core infrastructure principles, today’s American infrastructure needs, approaches to achieving effective solutions, and methods for funding infrastructure renewal costs.


What Do We Mean By Infrastructure?

What constitutes the American infrastructure can be viewed expansively or narrowly, depending on the context and the particular stakeholder. AIRRC treats the entire built environment in which Americans live as constituting the American infrastructure, not merely the more traditional components such as roads, bridges, highways, airports, rail and other transportation facilities; water and waste facilities; energy production and transmission facilities; and other types of typically large public projects. AIRRC also includes within its understanding of the American infrastructure such components as telecommunications, broadband and other networked technology systems, as well as community-focused infrastructure such as housing, healthcare, education, recreation, and cultural amenities, among others, including local environmental quality impacting day-to-day life.


About Us

Our background in infrastructure matters arises from the municipal bond market, the principal means by which state and local governments finance critical infrastructure. The locally-controlled undertaking of infrastructure financing, combined with the federal tax-advantaged treatment for municipal bonds, together operate as an implicit federal-state-local partnership for addressing our local and national infrastructure needs. However, AIRRC does not exist to promote tax-exempt debt financing over any other viable manner of funding the renewal of the American infrastructure.

Our activities are focused on assembling and curating the vast amounts of widely dispersed information relevant to American infrastructure renewal in a manner that spans across the particularized interests of individual firms, governments, non-governmental organizations and other entities, and across the breadth of political, theoretical and philosophical approaches to infrastructure. AIRRC is not currently focused on the creation of its own content. We are not affiliated with any infrastructure-related private or governmental organization, AIRRC is self-funded on a shoe-string budget, and is operated by individuals in their personal capacities. Any editorial decisions reflected in the assembly and curation of materials available through the American Infrastructure Renewal Resource Clearinghouse are not reflective of such personnel’s employers. 

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